Making websites with October CMS Episode 5

Builder Plugin Overview

In this episode we are going to create our first plugin with Builder for October CMS. This plugin is going to act as a custom content type for our site, with custom fields and everything.

In WordPress you have something called “Custom Post Types” and “Custom Fields”. Of course October CMS gives you the ability to create custom content types, just a little bit differently. To create our first custom content type we are going to be using the Builder plugin for October CMS.

This plugin let’s you scaffold your own plugins for October. Since everything in October is done via plugins, this is the way you would create your own content type and your own custom fields. Of course, plugins in October are used for more than just creating custom content types. You can create pretty much any kind of functionality with them that you want using powerful Laravel framework.

In this episode we are going to do quick overview of the Builder plugin, and create our first plugin and content type.

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