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Let's Checkout... AppWrite cover

Frontend TipsLet's Checkout... AppWrite

AppWrite is a secure open source backend server for Web, Mobile and Flutter developers. And we are gonna check it out in this video.

Episode  20  / Duration 17:54  / 
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Protect Signup Form From Hackers cover

Directus 9 + NextProtect Signup Form From Hackers

Viewer called Locness noticed a potential security flaw on our sign up form. In this episode we are going to fix that.

Episode  14  / Duration 04:38  / 
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Let's Checkout Remix ... And Compare It To Next.js cover

Frontend TipsLet's Checkout Remix ... And Compare It To Next.js

In this video we are going to checkout Remix. I’ve been playing around with Remix for the last couple of days. This video is mostly going to be about that journey and how Remix compares to Next.js.

Episode  19  / Duration 13:57  / 
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User Authentication With NextAuth cover

Directus 9 + NextUser Authentication With NextAuth

In this episode we are going to implement login functionality to our Next.js and Directus app using NextAuth package.

Episode  13  / Duration 29:49  / 
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User Sign Up cover

Directus 9 + NextUser Sign Up

In this episode we are going to implement signup functionality for our Directus and Next.js app. You will see, this is very easy.

Episode  12  / Duration 20:34  / 
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Mini Cart And Zustand cover

Directus 9 + NextMini Cart And Zustand

In this episode we are going to create a mini cart for our e-commerce site using Zustand state management library.

Episode  11  / Duration 25:50  / 
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