Making websites with October CMS Episode 4

Setting Up Laravel Elixir

In this episode we are going to set up Laravel Elixir to with our October CMS installation. Also we are going to enable Livereload, so that we can see the changes on our site whenever we save a file.

Since October CMS is based on Laravel I thought it would be fitting to set it up with our installation of October CMS, since Laravel itself uses it out of the box. Laravel Elixir is a kind of a wrapper over Gulp task runner and it lets you write much less code to do your basic compilation of Sass and JavaScript files then you would write using vanilla Gulp.

In this episode we are going to set it up so that it compiles our .scss files and our “.js` files, and it is also going to watch them an compile them every time we hit save. And on top of that it’s going to automatically refresh our page when ever we do so using Livereload plugin.

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