Making websites with October CMS Episode 22

Ajax Form Validation

In this episode we are quickly going back to forms and validation, but this time we are going to do it with Ajax na October CMSs Ajax framework.

UPDATE: There is a much better way to do Ajax Form Validation

Although I planned to continue doing what we did in the last episode, I decided to make this quick video about validating our forms with Ajax.

Our previous version of validation, validated our form by refreshing the page and displaying errors. And this had a nasty side effect - it would clear all the forms input fields, which is not good from the UX perspective, as that would aggravate the user.

So in this episode I’m going to show you how to validate your form without page refresh and that way keep the data in our fields. This is good for the users, but it’s also cool that the page doesn’t refresh.

We are going to do that by using Octobers Ajax framework and a bit of jQuery.

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