Frontend Tips Episode 4

Smashing Magazine + Netlify. What's the Big Deal?

In this episode I'm going to show you what Smashing Magazine is doing with Netlify CDN and static site generators to deliver their new site, very, very fast.

I’ve read this article on Smashing magazine the other day. It basically says that the Smashing Magazine is getting a redesign. And that is great, but what actually peaked my curiosity was the fact that they are moving from WordPress and using something called Netlify CDN.

Now what does this exactly mean? It means that they won’t have their site on some traditional setup, on some server. But they are going to distribute already generated versions of their site, using static site generator over the Netlify CDN. And this in turn means that not only will they have the speed of statically generated sites, but they are also going to deliver it from the data center nearest to you. So we should expect that Smashing Magazine should run very, very fast.

In this video I’m going to show you a quick overview of how to use Netlify CDN, how to use their Netlify CMS, locally develop the site and then push it to their CDN network.

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