Theming With WP REST API Episode 1


In this series we are going to be creating a theme for WordPress using WP REST API and Vue.js as a frontend framework instead of PHP. Check out the video to see the finished product.

There has been a lot of talk in the WordPress community about WordPress REST API. Also there has been talk of adding REST API to the core. Although the WP REST API is still in beta at the time of this video it is pretty well developed. As you will see in this series. It is also very flexible, as you will also see.

So in this series we are going to totally abandon all WordPress’s default functionality and PHP and we are going to create a theme using only Vue.js and the REST API.

We are going to be creating just a standard blog, but it’s going to be very fast and responsive, and all of that is due to using WP REST API instead of dealing with WordPress loops, and making calls to the database.

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