Static Sites With Nuxt

In this series we are going to be talking about Nuxt.js and how it can be used to create statically generated websites

  • Episode 01Duration 16:28

    Overview and Install

    In this first episode of new mini series, we are going to take a look at what Nuxt.js is and how it can help us in creating statically generated websites.
  • Episode 02Duration 12:57

    Basic Routing

    In this episode we are going to start building our Nuxt site, and also take a look at the basic Nuxt routing.
  • Episode 03Duration 11:37

    Views And SEO

    In this episode we are going to go in depth with Nuxt views and also talk a bit about SEO and meta tags.
  • Episode 04Duration 13:08

    Handling CSS

    In this episode we are going to learn how to handle CSS and SCSS in Nuxt.