October Tips Episode 4

Easily Deploy OctoberCMS With Cloudways

In this episode I'm going to show you a great service called Cloudways, and we are going to use it to easily deploy October CMS sites.

Cloudways is a service that manages your other cloud services like Digital Ocean, AWS, Linode etc. Which means that you don’t have to do any heavy lifting, Cloudways will setup everything for you. Only downside is, it’s specifically meant for PHP applications. But if you like October CMS that should not be a problem :).

Now, I’m going to show you a way of deploying your OctoberCMS site with literaly one click of button after initial setup. And to do that we are going to use Github and of course Cloudways.

And at the end, if you like the service you can get 20% off for the first two months using WATCHLEARN promo code on sign up.

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