Making Websites With Next.js And Strapi Episode 22

Internationalization (i18n)

In this episode we are going to take look at new internationalization features of both Strapi and Next.js.

As you may remember I already did an episode about localization and internationalization, but at the time of recording that video Strapi didn’t have options for translating content. So we had to create additional fields in our content type that would serve as translations for original fields.

This is an OK solution if you only have 1 additional language, but imagine that you wanna translate your site or app to five languages. That would mean that you would have 5 additional fields for every translatable field.

Not an elegant soultion by any stretch.

But with version 3.6 of Strapi you get translation options out of the box. And to make things even better Next.js also got Internationalized Routing in version 10.

So in this episode we are going to take a look at how these two features play together.

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