Payload CMS

Payload CMS is a very developer friendly CMS, and in it you do everything through code. In this course we are going to check out Payload CMS and I'm going to show you some of its cool features. 

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Let's Checkout... Payload CMS cover

Payload CMSLet's Checkout... Payload CMS

What I really like about Payload CMS is that everything is done through code, you don't have to go around clicking in the admin UI to setup things like you would do in WordPress, Strapi or even Directus.

Episode  1  / Duration 10:18  / 
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PayloadCMS and Next.js With Local API cover

Payload CMSPayloadCMS and Next.js With Local API

In this video I'm going to show you how to setup Next.js and Payload to run on the same server, kind of like a monolith app, and then how to use Local API to get and filter the data.

Episode  2  / Duration 09:43  / 
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