Making Websites With Next.js And Strapi Episode 4

Layouts With Reflexbox

In this episode we are going to learn how to layout your React components using Reflexbox.

Reflexbox is part of Rebass UI React components. These components are built for styled systems like Emotion, that we are using in this series. We are going to use just the Reflexbox part of Rebass, and Reflexbox is - “Ergonomic, responsive React layout and grid system” - as it’s written in their documentation.

We are using it so that we don’t need to polute our Next.js pages with unnecessary CSS just to layout our components. But you can of course use Reflexbox even inside your components, if you really need and want to.

As you will see Reflexbox is very powerfull and flexible, and can be used on any React based project that uses styled system.

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