Drupal 8 theming Episode 20

Using Drush

In this Drupal 8 Theming tutorial we are going to take a look at Drush, a command line interface for Drupal.

Drush enables you to make actions that would take many clicks in Drupal administration much quicker by making them available to you via command line.

So instead of going to Configuration > Performance and then clicking “Clear Cache” button you can just write drush cc and be done with it in seconds. But also you can download and install modules, you can update modules, you can even make the complete backup of your sites files and database by just doing drush ard.

As you can imagine it’s an invaluable tool if you are doing Drupal development and it’s going to make your workflow much quicker.

I’m am using vagrant box for development in this video so if you want to use it for your own development you can check out these videos.

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