Directus 9 + Next Episode 3

Fix No Access Issue, Update Database, Install GraphQL Playground

In this episode we are going to do a bit more cleanup (sorry), before building our app.

We are still going to do a bit of clean up, since Directus development is moving at a break neck pace, but mostly because I’m publishing these videos very slowly, because of some personal issues that have been going on this whole year, but are kind of winding down for a bit at the moment. So I’m hoping I will be able to pick up the pace with the publishing and recording of these videos.

And I promise that after this video we are going to start creating interesting things, and not just install and update stuff.

So Directus is already at the version 9.4.1 at the time of this recording and in this episode we are going to update it, AGAIN, fix some updating errors and also we are going to install GraphQL play ground which will make creating our queries much easier.

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