Gatsby.js + WordPress

In this mini-series we are going to try to create a site which will use Gatsby.js as a frontend and WordPress as a backend of the site. We are also going to learn a bit about GraphQL and React.js during this series. And I just want to mention that I don't know much about either Gatsby, React or GraphQL. But this is going to be a good opportunity to learn.
  • Episode 01Duration 34:19

    Getting Posts And Pages

    In this mini-series I'm going to try and create website using Gatsby.js and WordPress.
  • Episode 02Duration 19:34

    Listing Posts

    In this episode we are going to list all the posts coming from our WordPress REST API using Gatsby.js
  • Episode 03Duration 29:33

    Creating Menus

    In this episode I'm going to try to import WordPress menu into our Gatsby.js site, using WP REST API and GraphQL
  • Episode 04Duration 09:24


    In this episode we are going to be creating simple pagination for our WordPress and Gatsby.js site.