my name is Ivan Dorić and I make videos about web development.

Learn about Drupal 8, WordPress, October CMS, Vagrant, Vue.js and other modern web development technologies and techiniques here for free.

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Smashing Magazine + Netlify. What's the Big Deal?

In this episode I'm going to show you what Smashing Magazine is doing with Netlify CDN and static site generators to deliver their new site, very, very fast.


Making Websites With October CMS - Part 33 - Static Pages and Menus

In this video we are going to learn about static pages, and static menus feature that you get from the static pages plugin.


Making Websites With October CMS - Part 32 - Groups and Permissions

In this episode we are going to learn about groups and permissions in October CMS.


Introduction to Pattern Lab

In this episode of front-end tips we are going to look at something called Pattern Lab. It's a way to organise your HTML and CSS components and modules.

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